Weight Management and Diabetes

Weight loss with diabetes can fall into two categories. Either it can be intentional or unintentional weight loss. Many times when the patient is obese, they can lose weight as desired.

However, for the diabetic patients who are shedding weight otherwise, then it is not a healthy sign.

The resistance of insulin ought to be reduced in the body of the patient who is suffering from diabetes. Insulin is required so that tissues can be metabolized and to help glucose enter the tissues. At times the tissues can be resistant; in that case the doses of insulin need to be increased so the metabolizing can take place. It will be difficult to lose weight if the level of insulin increases in the body.

Sugar level is generally very high in diabetic patients. Due to this, they may need to pass urine quite often. Passing out urine frequently leads to dehydration. Because of this, diabetic patient tend to lose weight. In order to safe guard them self from dehydration and weight loss, they may need to increase water intake. High sugar level also leads to breakdown in the muscles and may result in weight loss.

For diabetic patients, who are interested in losing weight, there are many programs to do the same. However, before undertaking any such program, one should always consult his doctor and should take his advice. It is not a good idea to take your judgment and go for any weight loss programs.

For diabetic patients who want to lose weight diet is very important. Before following any weight loss diet plan they should make sure that they are taking well balanced diet and all the important elements the body requires are met. In fact nutrition specialist advice should be sought for this. They can give the diabetic patient the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to deal with.

Diabetic patient should also take care that they are not cutting down the carbohydrate content. Weight loss may not take place if the carbs are totally cut down. They may have to cut the carbs content gradually over the time.

Another important thing to do is to eat the right quantity of meal at the right time. Simply cutting down the food intake will be of no help and it can also have negative impact. Diabetic patients need to eat small amount of food over time, and the food should be well balanced. This is one of the best ways to maintain weight.

Diabetic patients need to watch the sugar consumption. Too much sugar in blood may affect the weight of the patient. Sugar food should be avoided completely.

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