Walking or Jogging – Which One is the Most Effective

Most people assume that jogging any day is bound to give them faster results than walking. That is because people think that a person tends to lose more calories when they jog.

However, walking regularly can produce phenomenal results in weight loss. In fact brisk walking is one of the best ways of ensuring that you are keeping your body fit and also getting away from the excess calories.

The only problem with jogging is that because people think that by jogging harder and faster everyday they will lose more calories they tend to over-jog which results in extreme pain in different parts of body.

Walking is more effective

This statement may come as a big surprise to a lot of people. As mentioned above, running or jogging is always on the mind of people who want to lose lot of weight quickly. The reason why walking is more effective than jogging is because walking requires great amount of hard work form your body unlike jogging. While walking, a lot of body muscle is used to lose weight and hence it is more effective than jogging. For instance, walking at the rate of 5 mph can burn more calories than jogging at the same speed.

Take doctors advice

Jogging is generally advised for those who are young. For the middle aged and the old, jogging is probably not the best option. Hence to avoid unnecessary complications later it is best to learn about the kind of exercise that needs to be done by you from your physician. It is important that the type of exercise suits the body type of person.

All of us want to lose weight fast and quickly, but in doing so, most of us end up causing more damage to our bodies. One might end up with a torn muscle or a strained ankle in their attempt to burn extra calories fast. It is best to walk first. It is the first step towards losing weight. Once a person gets used to the process of walking, then they can think of increasing the speed on the treadmill or even walking.

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