Perfect Arms Workout

You have managed to lose weight but your arms reveal something else, its time to tone them up. Try these effective and simple exercises to sculpt and tone your arms.

Altered Push-up (This would focus on back, chest, abs and shoulders)

Lie down (face down) on a smooth floor and keep your hands shoulders align, keep two small towels for support under your palms. Place your knees on the floor. Slide your hands out as you lower your chest to the floor; return to the start position, do this 8 – 12 times.

Shoulder ball rotation (work on you back and shoulder)

Hold your dumbbell each in your hand, take a exercise ball and lie with your chest and abs facing towards the ceiling, keep your feet wide open on the ground. Bend your elbows at 90 deg and raise your arm to shoulder height, your forearms should be parallel to ground. Forearms need to rotate down as they come perpendicular to the base, then return to the start position, do this 12 times.

Uppercut Curl (This is excellent for abs, shoulders and back)

Stand and keep your feet at shoulder distance, hold a dumbbell each in your hands. Keep your elbows bent at 90 deg, forearms parallel to the floor and palms facing the ground. Turn to the left on your right foot; twist your torso as rapidly as possible and bring your right hand to your eye level. As you return lower your arms by your side. Repeat this 12 times on either side.

Bentover tricep extensions (Amazing for your triceps)

Stand and keep your feet hip distance wide, holding one dumbbell in each of your hand. Bend towards the ground till your torso is parallel to the floor and keep your back straight. Broaden your arms behind your body at 45 deg towards the side, your palms should face in. Keep your up-arms at a halt, curve elbows at 90 deg, and straighten your arms. Repeat this 12 times.

Ball Extension (Great for triceps)

Hold a dumbbell in the right hand and lie on the exercise ball facing up, keep your shoulder and head on the ball, raise your so they are aligned with your torso. Extend right hand up keep it straight and place the left hand on your hip, keep the palms face forward. Keep you upper arm in a position, gradually bring the dumbbell to your left shoulder straightening arm. Repeat this 12 times before switching your arms.

Complete enchilada-Great for shoulder, tricep and biceps

Stand and keep your feet hip wide, hold the dumbbells in each of your hand, keep your palms face behind you. Place the upper arms at your side, bending your elbows and pick the weights up to your shoulders that your palms face onward, press the weights above your head. Keep your upper arm still, then turn your palms in lowering the weights behind your head until your elbows are at 90 deg. Bring your arms straight overturn the sequence do this 12 times.

Triumph push (Great for the shoulder)

As you stand legs wide and knees soft, hold dumbbell in both the hands above and little out from shoulder, keep your palms in front and the elbows down. Press your right arm in a diagonal motion up and out, place your left hand still. Repeat this 12 times on both the hands.

Curl/press – Great for the abs, shoulder and biceps

Hold the dumbbell in both hands; sit on the exercise ball keeping a hip wide distance between your feet. Extend your right hand to the floor; bringing your left hand close to your left shoulder, keep both palms facing forward. Twist your right hand towards the shoulder pressing the left arm up, lower both the hand, you can repeat it 12 times.

Torso twist for your shoulder

Stand keeping hip wide distance between the feet, knees softened, and hold a dumbbell in both the hands. Bend your elbows at 90 deg ahead of you as to bring your arms parallel to the floor. Your palms should face each other and your forearms should be perpendicular to base. Contract your abs rotating your torso towards the left, pressing weight overhead return to the starting point, repeat this 12 times on each side.

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