Old Age and Weight Gain

Old age is a time when the body is susceptible to many forms of diseases and illness. Weight gain and weight loss is considered quite common during old age. This is also not the time when a person can experiment with their diet and lifestyle pattern.

This is a time when it is actually a little late to make changes. Hence an old person should neither diet nor eat large meals. That is because their body has become so fragile and weak that cutting calories can become a major concern for them if they choose to do something drastic. The best way to stay fit during old age is following a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Old age is a replica of how a person took care of their health and body when they were young. If people abused their health by eating junk and high calorie food or did not indulge in any form of physical activity, then the repercussions of that is felt during old age. If one has led life in a care free manner without even thinking twice about their health, then they can be assured of being surrounded by multiple ailments like osteoporosis, heart problems, obesity, poor muscles etc on becoming old.

On the other hand if a person has taken very good care of their health during their young days, then they have saved themselves from facing a lot of problems during old age. Staying too thin is also not considered very healthy during old age. But as mentioned fluctuations in weight is expected when a person gets old as age does affect one’s metabolism process.

But to ensure that one remains healthy throughout during old age, it is important that one completely devoids themselves of all kinds of bad habits. Indulging in light physical activities like walking can do a world of goodness to people when they are old. As it not only makes them feel healthy but also happy. It helps them build a positive outlook towards life, something that is required a lot during old age.

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