Hunger Reducing Products

It is very important to have your basics in place and smartly plan your diet if you seriously want to loose weight. Some food/food types actually help you in reducing weight; try to incorporate more of these in your daily diet.


Soups helps in suppressing hunger and aids in weight loss. One should be sure that the soup is low in calorie and fat, research reveals people who consume 2 portions of low-calorie soup, lost their 50% weight everyday. Soups are low in calories and has high amount of water. One has to opt for clear and not thick cream soups. These soups would have only 100-150 calories. They have low amount of sodium, choose a soup which is chicken or veggie broth based and don’t use artificial starch.


Apples are natural appetite suppressors. Apples contain high amount of dietary fibers which need to be chewed properly. Apples contain 55-60 calories and are a rich source of vitamin-C and anti-oxidants which help fight many diseases. Your body doesn’t get hungry soon and you tend to eat less. In an experiment people consuming three apples a day along with a healthy diet lost more weight than other women.

Cedar Nuts:

Cedar nuts have high protein content among other nuts or seed. They have natural polyunsaturated fats, which stimulate hormones which curb hunger. These hormones signal to brain that you are not hungry.

Linseed Oil:

Linseed oil contains Omega Fatty-3 acids which are good source of vegetative, it also provides 8 gram fibers, it helps control your appetite. Linseed oil can be added to your salad or vegetables.


Oats contain one of the healthiest forms of carbohydrates, rich in fiber; it leaves you feeling full for a long time. Oats also helps reducing cholesterol. The soluble fiber in oats helps in creating a gel which delays the stomach becoming empty.


If you start your meal with a bowl of salad, you won’t end up eating much. Fibers available in salad reduce sugar levels and you would feel less hungry. You will have to be particular that your salad is low fat and fresh. Try to eat different vegetables like spinach, cabbage and chicory or other green veggies.

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