Health Benefits – Chicken

Who in the world doesn’t like chicken food? In fact, it’s one of the tastiest meals that you can have. However, it contains high chicken calories.

The calorie content in chicken may vary from pieces to pieces, from with bones to being boneless. For example a regular size chicken breast piece contains around 260 chicken calories. If you can have boneless chicken breast it can come down to around 200 chicken calories. Whereas, one serving or one bowl of chicken salad contains approximately 180 chicken calories.

The Benefits of Chicken Calories

Chicken is a versatile meat: There are several ways to gain chicken calories, it depends upon the method of cooking it. You can have it grilled, steamed, poached, microwaved, barbecued or even you can have fried chicken. To add more taste to it, you can combine chicken with vegetables, fruits or even with other meat. By eating chicken you not only get earn calories in chicken but you also enjoy your food. It is one of the most effective and favourite food for the people who want high-protein diet.

Chicken meat contains zero carbs: Chicken meat contains almost zero carbohydrate, just like other type of protein. For many people chicken meat can be bad, since the body needs carbs to convert energy from food. However, if you are in low-carb diet then you may realise that no carb will help in burning fat fast. Beside, you can have carbs from other sources such as vegetables and fruits.

Chicken meat is low in fat content: The fat in chicken is extremely concentrated on its skin, so while having chicken keep the skin off to keep away the calories; chicken skin also raises the level of cholesterol. We should remember that chicken is low in saturated fat and in calorie if you avoid the skin. It is an awesome form of lean meat. Fat in chicken will protect your internal organs, add sheen to your hair, and give you healthy skin. Chicken keeps away coronary heart diseases as well.

Chicken is rich in protein. Chicken like other poultry products is rich in protein. Proteins are required to build muscles and growth. It gives antibodies that prevent you from getting sick. It also allows your body to produce enzymes important to convert food into product important for our body. Around 3 ounces of chicken is enough for the protein intake of the entire day.

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