Fasting And Weight Loss

Weight Loss Fasting?

This is actually what it exactly sounds like; you will have to fast to lose weight. Fasting in the true sense means you shouldn’t eat/drink anything; that meals no food and no water. Diet experts have added some kind of variations in fasting; for losing weight.

Mentioned below are different types of fasting:

Fasting with Water is when you cannot eat anything but drink water.

Juices Fasting is a very popular way to lose weight, where you can’t eat anything but drink fruit and vegetable juice.

Periodic/Episodic Fasting is like Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan only. They cannot eat between sunrise and sunset they can eat during the evening hours till the sunrise.

Miscellaneous Fast cannot be seen as fasting in the true sense. Where you have to fast from only certain type of food.

Benefits of Fasting:

You body gets detoxifies as you stop in taking food in your body which helps you cleanse your body from any toxins.

Get awakened spiritually: Fasting can’t be seen only as a physical but a spiritual experience as well. You wouldn’t worry about preparing your food.

You would become more confident and disciplined while fasting. Fasting would help you test your will power.

Negatives associated with fasting:

Fasting can be risky as it keeps your body away from essential nutrients; it can also leave you malnourished, besides creating many health problems.

Fasting leads to loss of muscle, it will make you undernourished and would make you , especially if we are not being active, our bodies tend to take energy not from fat but from muscle, meaning that inactive.

Your metabolism would go for a toss when you are fasting as your body wouldn’t get the essential nourishment.

Fasting can also impair the mental faculty in your body. You can feel fatigued and hallucinated

Final Verdict:

If you are on a look out for healthy way to lose weight you should stay away from fasting; if fast weight loss is your aim then you can give it a shot.

Fasting can be very risky and can challenge your entire health. What we suggest is that you shouldn’t try fasting and you should stick to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

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