Fast Food Culture and Health Problems

Today’s food culture can also be termed as the ‘fast food’ culture. Just see the number of restaurants and food joints offering the fast food. There are innumerable restaurants and food joints offering fast food in your vicinity.

It is difficult to avoid fast food in such a ‘fast food environment.’ Fast food gives a lot of pleasure and people tend to make a regular habit of eating fast food. The fast food contains high degree of fats, sugar and calories which leads to obesity.  There are so many obese people these days. In fact half of our population is obese.

Why we are addicted to fast food? There are a number of things such as our fast paced life where we do not have tome and fast food is easily and conveniently available. It’s easily available and can be cooked in no time. Also is there the taste factor.

The fast food is tasty so you tend to indulge in it again and again.  Also it is becoming socially acceptable. There are a number of restaurants which has opened offering fast food. All these restaurants market their products aggressively and bombard our senses with display of fast food.

It’s difficult to resist the temptation and slowly you become addicted to the offerings of these restaurants. It has become a big business and several brands have come on the scene. In order to attract customers they compete with each other.

For marketing their food, they advertise and follow a number of other methods which leads to more and more people becoming a part of this fast food culture. People are not understanding the problems associated with the fast food and risking their health. People are taking it for granted. The culture of fast food is seriously harming our health.

There is a direct connection between fast food and health problems. Various researches carried out in this regard clearly shows this connection. The most apparent is the weight gain problem due to obesity. There is increased risk of insulin resistance and increased chances of diabetes.

Although eating fast food at times is not a problem but making it a habit is certainly not suggestible.

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