Facts About White Flour

White flour products that are highly processed and miss out on most of the important nutrients and are void of the fiber-rich portions present in the seed. If your diet comprises of many products made out of refined flour you might end up being malnourished, enervated, constipated and also prone to chronic diseases.

Even if you have vitamin, fiber and mineral supplements, to compensate the lack of it in your diet; you won’t get very effective results.

The higher the amount of refined food you eat, the higher will be the insulin produced in your body. This will raise storage of fat, leaving you more prone to gaining weight and experiencing cardiac problems. Your pancreas will also get overworked which would eventually lead to low blood pressure.

Refined flour and refined wheat products, lead to a lot of infections and raise the level of blood sugar, as by consuming these products your immune response and reservoir lessen.

Refined flour and products are now being labeled as enriched flour; don’t get into this trap. As there are only 4 vitamins and minerals that are added to the so called enriched products, which is nothing if we see the amount of nutrients lost.

High intake of these products are bad for the health, it leads to rise in stress and hormonal problems.

Have you ever noticed the difference between the colour of white bread and wheat flour, this is because of the chemicals used while processing for bleaching. These bleaching products are extremely harmful for health. When flour is processed around 50% of the unsaturated fatty acid in wheat are lost during milling. All vitamin E is lost when wheat germ and bran is removed. Hence white bread we buy only contains fattening elements.

Amongst the loss of nutrient the count is really high like:

Calcium – 50%
Phosphorus- 70%
Iron- 80%
Magnesium- 98%
Manganese -75%
Potassium- 50%
Copper-65%, besides other important nutrients.

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