Does Anger Lead To Weight Gain

Does anger really lead to weight gain? People who are constantly looking out for different alternatives for losing weight will be disappointed reading this.

That is because it is already so difficult to lose weight and now another symptom of weight gain has increased making it really difficult for people to lose the unwanted fat. It is believed that mostly teenagers are likely to be affected by weight gain due to anger.

There are different ways of showing anger. Some shout while some use abusive language and there are others who become extremely aggressive and start hitting others or slamming doors. And there are few others who just become extremely quiet and suppress their feelings. Anger leads to bad eating behavior. And this is how the weight gain problem starts. Young children start taking to bad habits just to revolt. All this affects their health.

Teenagers who lose their temper fast start eating high calorie and junk food. Burgers, cheese, ice-cream, salted stuff, colas, potatoes and so on. After taking such high calorie content and not even exercising, teenagers can only expect to gain more weight instead of losing any. What most people fail to accept or fail to come to terms with is that weight gain can be directly related to how a person is feeling mentally. If a person is completely demotivated or is extremely angry with someone or is hurt or is annoyed by something’s, then it starts to affect their mind slowly.

If you observe closely and look around you will notice that people who are motivated to make a difference to their body and those who are extremely determined are the ones who are successful in losing weight. Their mind directs them to achieve the objective. Teenagers who are angry and have lot of grudge inside them don’t have the motivation to control their poor eating habits. Because they lack motivation their brain also doesn’t stop them when they being to overeat despite being full. There are others also who start to starve themselves out of anger. In both cases great harm is caused to the body. Therefore it would not be wrong to say that anger leads to weight gain.

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