Diet Plan For A Poor Girl

If weight loss is what you are aiming for, you can also try they Poor Girl’s diet plan. All you need to do is lead your life like a poor girl would; and you wouldn’t even realize and soon you would be able to shed extra food. When you follow the poor girl’s diet and weight loss plan your pounds and extra body weight would just melt away within no time.

You must be aware that being a poor girl you wouldn’t be able to afford much food.  You can have tap water as much as you desire because this comes free of cost, this would help you keep yourself full. If you want to eat then you should only consume staple food in this particular diet plan. You can eat macaroni, burritos, cheese, white bread, canned food, dough balls, Jiffy cornbread, and peanut butter sandwich. With these foods only in your diet you would not be really motivated to eat and wouldn’t be constantly bothered by cravings.

You can mix these staples and you can use many permutations and combination to take maximum advantage of this diet. The most favourite combination which is very popular is considered corn bread with refried bean’s casserole. All you need is to mix a pack of cornbread along with water (you shouldn’t add any eggs and milk) and once you are through you can pour the mixture in a cake mould or pan. Now you have to add a layer of canned re-fry bean. To top it up you can add an extra layer of cornbread mix, you need to bake this till it is done. This one comes out to be extremely delicious.

This diet and weight loss plan doesn’t give you any pre-packaged processed food or online diet plan, counsellors, support etc. As this would be unfair because in reality a poor girl won’t be able to spend money on all this. This diet is successful because you tend to eat less like a poor girl would do, you wouldn’t splurge on your food and diet, eat limited food. Like a poor girl, you would remain fit and slim.

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