Obesity has become a very big problem these days. It has becoming a menacing problem these days. The treatment involves use of weight loss pills and also use of packaged foods...
Heart diseases among obese people are a quite common problem. Some people may think out of curiosity...
Best method to shield yourself and your family members especially children from becoming obese is educating and advising them about the quality of food they eat...
When people are willing to lose weight, they want to do so as fast as possible. They always tend to forget that they didn’t gain all that weight in a few days or ..
Every obese person on the planet, at some point during his or her life, thinks about shredding those extra pounds. So what is the best way, rather the right ..
Having a low calorie diet is always recommended; however it also depends on the individual as well. Depending on your daily routine and the amount of ..
Weighing yourself everyday on your bathroom scale is not sufficient to assess your weight loss success. Your weight loss could be unhealthy, ..
Weight watchers should always keep track of their weight; to know of their progress. Some traditional methods to do this have been ..
We all believe in counting calories, but restricting your calorie intake requires a plan. Firstly, you should be able to estimating the exact ..
Water weight refers to a condition in which the body retains water for one reason or another resulting in a swollen up and bloated ..
Vegetables are important sources of nutrition. Our doctor often advises us to take green leafy vegetables. But are these vegetables ..
Most of us neglect the concept of portion sizes while on a diet. You have to be careful not only about what you eat but also how much ..
It has been shown in numerous scientific research studies conducted in the world that losing weight through dieting and other ..
A question that a lot of women ask in their lives at different points in time is that ‘how can I lose weight like a celebrity?’ It is a fair ..
Is there a grand event you must be at for which you need to look stunning? Well in situations like these under the pressure of time, ..